Jez Gray

Jez Gray – artist and printmaker

About Jez

Hi. I’m an artist, printmaker, musician and teacher based on the Isle of Wight, UK. My visual art ranges from monotypes to intaglio photopolymer prints, cyanotypes, chemigrams, lumen prints and mixed media. The artwork on show here is roughly divided into pieces with more recognisable elements (such as photographic images), and those that are more abstract, mark making explorations.

One of the things I’m very thankful for is to have the use of a small home studio with an etching press on the south coast of the Isle of Wight. The space is not currently set up for live workshops but online sessions are in the planning stages.

Influence and practice

My art is much influenced and inspired by the very special landscapes on the Isle of Wight as well as Brittany and Australia. I’m fascinated by the miracles of shape, colour and texture in nature and how humans interact with the natural world. A recurring theme in my work is ‘layers’, of concepts, history and ideas, as well as literal layers of colour and form.

With most of the first part of my working life spent either teaching classroom music in high schools or performing live and recording music, art has been something of a ‘background’ passion until the last few years. Since around 2016, art and printmaking practice have taken their place as the main focus of my creativity.

As a busy emerging artist, I’ve had no formal art training beyond the age of eighteen, but I have been making art my whole life. My artist grandfather, Gordon Davey, taught me lots of different techniques and skills. This started when I was a young boy in the mid seventies and carried on until his passing in 1991. I was first taught to make intaglio photopolymer prints with the Australian artist Dianne Longley in the early 2000s.

guitar/ Gordon Davey
Gordon Hugh Hilling Davey in the late 1950s

Teaching and workshops

Having a background in teaching has allowed me to conduct successful workshops in the processes and media shown here. These have been mostly at Quay Arts’ Jubilee Stores Studios on the Isle of Wight, as well as tutoring on the Island Education Federation VI Form’s Art Foundation course in the past. I am currently developing online tuition and workshops and details will be available on this website soon. Please contact me here for more information or to ask a query.

My work is owned privately in the UK, US, Mexico, Argentina, Italy, France and Australia. I am currently exhibiting prints at the ‘Ferme D’Antea’ gallery in France. – please follow this link for more information about Quay Arts and Jubilee Stores studios (NB on their website there are unfortunately no photos of my work hanging in the gallery, but directions to it and other details can be found through this link)

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