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Cyanotype Gallery

Cyanotype was invented by Sir John Herschel in 1842. The chemical sensitiser solution is iron based, unlike the silver based processes that have dominated photography during the 20th century. Anna Atkins is widely credited with bringing cyanotypes into the art world just a year after Herschel invented it. Click here for a brief history of the process.

All of the images below are made by hand. They are for purchase, unless marked otherwise. Please bear in mind that the sensitiser will be applied with a brush and therefore each print in an edition will be a slight variation on the print shown here (VE/ variable edition).

These are unique, original art prints, and there will be a limited number of prints available for each image – this helps to establish and maintain the value of the artworks over time. It takes me about 48 hours to complete a print. This includes digital preparation, coating, drying, exposure and curing.

Please get in touch here to enquire about specific prints while I am working on the shop area of this website.

With cyanotypes and polymer photogravure I am happy to discuss commissions, including making original, hand made art prints from your own digital images – I would just need to check the image first to assess suitability in terms of contrast and exposure.

Thanks for looking!

British Isles Landscapes and Seascapes

Breizh/ Brittany


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